Do You Have Comfortable Shoes?

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Sitting at a local restaurant, fiddling with my computer, trying to get the WIFI going, I noticed the woman seated at the table next to mine.woman-eating-alone

She was in her mid-twenties, eating lunch alone, reading a book.

I was at the restaurant to meet someone for the first time. We had connected in a round about way and found a way to get together though we live over two hours apart. I wanted to hear about her Women’s Conference Ministry in India and show her some things about her blog. As she shared stories of our Father’s loving provision and His detailed protection during her trips, our hearts were knit together.¬† Chills ran down my arms as she related an account of God healing a woman with head and neck injuries. She spoke of the joy in the faces of the older women as they played party games for the first time in their lives. Greatly persecuted for their Christian faith, many of these women had witnessed their homes being burned, their husbands killed, and their daughters raped. In the midst of this horror, they clung to the only Hope in this life.¬† They were hungry for Jesus, longing to know God, thirsty for His Word. Most were illiterate.

My friend, Linda, explained the ministry was in being storytellers and training  women in stories to take back to their villages to share with their communities. She dreamed of being able to provide each woman with a solar powered MP3 player preloaded with the stories in their own dialect: $35 each. We sat. She shared more. We looked at pictures. My heart was stirred.

When my new sister in Christ left to refill her drink, the woman at the table next to us also got up to leave. As she passed, she leaned over and said, “I like your shoes. They look comfortable.”

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I smiled, said Thanks and looked at my shoes: my old Bass boat shoes. Odd.

Linda and I finished our visit, prayed and hugged. It was a taste of heaven in that restaurant- experiencing a stranger with whom you feel connected because of sharing the same Father.

Later at home I caught a glimpse of my shoes and my heart once again stirred with a longing to share and encourage other women in their faith. I can tell stories. That’s what I did with our children as they grew up; it’s what I did with other moms in the neighborhood. Those stories God has given me – they’re my comfortable shoes.

How beautiful upon the mountain are the feet of him who brings good news, who publishes peace, who brings good news of happiness, who publishes salvation, who says to Zion, “Your God reigns.” Isaiah 52:7

What stirs your heart? What has God equipped you with that you can share today?

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